About Hugo

Born in Wilrijk (Antwerp)  1954°.  Fascinated as a child in the background of "how it works", and as result  the choice of technical study, interest in architecture, interior design, color, lighting, was always present. At an early age started with drawing and painting, without following art education. End 2014 started  sculptor education at the Academy in Rillaar led by Maarten Ceulemans.

Meet and work with different materials, clay, plaster, wood, acrylhars, knead epoxy. Fascinating confrontation with different techniques, in which personal interpretation is very important.

Generated curiosity of people on the content, the background, technique and create something fascinating.

Art ( is for me) create a work, giving  people a surprising feeling, imagination and above all creates exciting emotion, a "WOW" as a result.

Admiration for artists as Panamarenko, Escher, Theo Jansen ... and many others, who creating  fascinating and refreshing works.



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+32 13 29 64 01